Faith-based reconciliation strategies to flourish beyond life's struggles and discover an exciting future

Finding peace with your failures Transforming your future

At the Cross, the Chains of Rebellion were Broken, the Power to Live Abundantly is Provided.

Thrive Beyond Debilitating Habits

Overcome Habits and Cyclical Compulsions
Explore the Practices that Keep You and Your Loved Ones from Flourishing

We come from many different places, backgrounds, and experiences. Yet, struggles against lifetime habits and beliefs that overpower and defeat our best efforts persist. God provided release from the bondage of idolatry and given us hope, power, and the Holy Spirit to renew and restore us. Many men and women in the church today are finding release from unhealthy habits; however, the Christian community finds it difficult to trust individuals after a failure or catastrophic fall. The strategies at Flourishing Beyond Borders enable the offended and the offender to meet together under the grace of our Lord Jesus and find reconciliation, mercy, and rebuilt trust.

  • Couples, Men's and Women's Groups, Parents and Grandparents, Individual

  • Day, Weekend, Week-Long Encounters

  • Main and Breakout Sessions Available

  • Communication Skills that Heal

Mark & Anita McIntire

Speakers, Consultants

Mark and Anita McIntire

Mark provides training, mentorship and keynote addresses designed to address the dynamics of intercultural relationships with co-workers, clients, and management.

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