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Where can you thrive?

The Business Professional

With customers that come from a multitude of backgrounds & current situations, you need to be able to jump into conversations quickly, relating to your customers in an authentic way that will help to grow both your client’s trust, and solve their needs in an effective and lasting way.

The Overseas Worker

Maybe you’re often sent on business trips to new countries, or perhaps you primarily work overseas; culture shock can easily effect how productive that time is spent, and having the right foundation to make it through those new experiences stress-free can set you on the next level of customer relations.

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The Short-term Traveler

Whether you travel often or this is your first time, you’re going by yourself or you’re traveling with a group, start off on the right foot with a strong foundation to easily relate with others in any culture in respectful and meaningful ways, making the most impact wherever you go, with little-to-no stress.

Go to The Expat/Immigrant

The Expat/Immigrant

You may often find yourself in difficult situations because of certain cultural differences, like ways of living or doing business you aren’t used to. Having a strong basis with which to understand and relate to your new culture and it’s customs can be the difference between struggle and success.

What makes us different?
Life transitions are stressful. We are here to smooth them out.

You come from many different places. Your job, your country, your family, and your friends all make up those background places. But what happens when life changes? Change is never meant to be bad, but without the proper foundation to take on your new situation it can sometimes feel insurmountable. We are here to help smooth out those new life transitions you are in by giving you the foundational tools you need to not only survive, but to thrive.

Mark W McIntire

International Mindset Consultant
Speaker and Author

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