Recovery Breakout/ Workshop Topics

Workshop topics can be transformed according to the needs of the group. If these topics do not match your needs, please let me create a unique experience for you. I use an interactive format that includes discussion, games, and periods for practice and personal reflection. Couple’s retreats can include the participation of my wife as a second presenter or small group facilitator.

Border Crossing Strategies–moving beyond the damage of the past–psychological, emotional, and physical betrayal

Loyalty Rebuilding Steps–flourishing personal and relational loyalty following rejection and loss of trust

Climate Change in Business, Family, and in the Bedroomenhancing communication, openness and vulnerability for growth

Crossing the Channel from Negative to Positive Interaction–the crucial nature of direct, open, and non-judgmental communication. Removing shame and false stories

Empowered Living at Home, Church, and Around Town–enhancing and celebrating new life through faithfulness. Renewal in relationships and community

Five Powerful Pieces to Ensure a Better Future–Hope, Thankfulness, Empathy, Love and Engagement will make your present and your future a success