Thanksgiving Alchemy

Landing at George W. Bush airport last week marked my second visit to Houston. The first occurred in 1976 with my parents. On that trip, we did not leave the airport–it was not Bush airport back then. In any event, I made the trek out of the airport this time accompanied by two wonderful friends and business partners.

I had come to Houston to attend a business seminar live streaming event in Galveston. About ten of us holed up in a beach rental from Thursday till Sunday listening to about 23 hours of training. In between sessions, there were trips to Starbucks, restaurants, and walks along the sea wall. The long weekend proved empowering and exhilarating. I came home exhausted yet satisfied.

Leaving my wife at home was the downside of the adventure. I got home about 3 am Monday morning. Monday proved to be a recuperation day while my wife worked, thus our reunion had to wait…until today. Yesterday we both worked, so today while in Port Townsend to be with our family for Thanksgiving we finally had an opportunity for a date.

We went to the Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar

A lovely hour and a half was spent talking, eating, sipping wine, and reconnecting. My soul is content.


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  1. You are one of those amazingly special people in my life, for whom I am truly thankful. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for you and Anita. One word does come to mind….Thankyou.

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