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On loving the blank page

The blank page once frightened me. You know, the one in your essay test book that you stared at after reading the prompt or the page on your computer screen waiting for your genius to appear before starting the blog. Even the little box on Twitter or Facebook that awaits your witty remark or encouraging “hug” across the Internet. Late yesterday I wrote a few more pages of the novel I’m working on which is far easier because a context and characters already exist. I just need to take up from where I left off.

So it’s 2015, and I have a black page before me for this year. Well, I’ve already used up fourteen hours of the new year with sleep, reading, chatting with my wife, etc. Many of my fellow Oregonians have just sat down to watch the Rose Bowl against Florida State. I’ll catch some of the game later, maybe. I took a half-dozen punches already this morning delivered by the wonderful Lolly Daskal. She nailed me in the gut and on the chin. For your own ringside chat go to 

One of my mentors is Mr. Darren Hardy of Success magazine. He’ll be speaking at our convention in February. I first heard him one year ago in San Jose, California. His magazines regularly deliver pertinent and important information to any entrepreneur. Today’s post is no exception

I love a blank page except this one, the one at the beginning of the year. Do I dredge up old 2014 or 2013 goals and key behaviors? Is continuity or a fresh vision better? Perhaps both are essential. I think I know my big three goals and the one key behavior required to meet them, yet I fail to implement it seems. My mentors ask me to improve my ‘why’. It’s not big enough or I’ve not fully bought into it. Maybe even my why seems a fantasy. Is it too big?

Just go out and get it, I hear. What holds me back? Honestly, about half a dozen things on Ms. Daskal’s list plague my performance. I also lack proper tracking though I have an excellent daily method of operation in place–if only I was consistent. Mr. Hardy speaks of the joy of the journey. Another speaker says that if I’m not having fun, I’m not doing this right. I get it. I hear them. So, what’s the problem?


Happy New Year


2 thoughts on “On loving the blank page

  1. Daddy, I appreciate your honesty and relate to your struggle. How wonderful it isn’t all up to “Me” to accomplish God’s plan!

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