A Travel Necessity

“Do I need travel insurance?”

“Actually, you need travel protection.”

Travel protection offers you compensation for injuries, illness, and death which result in travel delays or cancellation. Protection plans can cover you for pre-existing conditions and for non-medical issues. One of my clients suffers from a medical condition which can flare up without notice. With the proper coverage, she is compensated if her medical condition prevents her from taking her business trip or vacation. Non-medical reasons for cancellation might be a court summons, bankruptcy, work schedule conflicts, weather conditions or a terrorism threat.

Not all travel protection is the same, be sure to read all of the stipulations and caveats. 2 Getaway Travel– –offers comprehensive coverage on its travel protection package. You really do need travel protection especially for cruises, tours, and excursions. We not only help you find the best travel package according to your tastes, style and sense of adventure, but we are travel protection specialist who can counsel you to find the option you need. You can then relax…



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