Colors of Travel

Among the myriad of sensations awaiting you in the garden or while on vacation, perhaps the renewed experience of color and hue most effectively breaches our walls of the mundane. The western shoreline of the big island of Hawai’i  and the eastern rainforest express an astonishing array of pageantry shared from across the color spectrum.

I’ve marveled at bougainvillea trellised on porches along a dusty track in Malaga, Spain–orange, salmon, lemon, carmine, and magenta. The greens near Bonn, Germany cast a different effect than those of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. This past month along Interstate 5 north of Salem, travelers experienced the innumerable patterns and shades of the Iris. A Goldfinch recently visited the back deck of my brother’s and sister-in-law’s home while I sipped my morning coffee.

Consider the colors, Voyager, when selecting your destination. Note their vibrant spectacle and charm when visiting an arid or stark clime. You can find a rainbow in the snowdrifts of Norway. Gold, black, charcoal, rust and reds reside on the desert painted hills. Celebrate the various allures granted through your eyes. Protect this beauty for all who follow.



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