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Mark W. McIntire, M. Div., designs general and issue-specific training, mentoring and keynote addresses tailored to bring healing and productivity in the exciting and potentially challenging dynamics men and women face during and following a period of failure. With frankness and honesty, this former missionary and teacher looks at his own moral failure due to lifelong exposure to pornography and his fall into sexual sin which sent him to prison for several years.

Flourishing Beyond Borders works with individuals, teams, married couples, churches and organizations to create an atmosphere of communication, dialogue, and healing beyond the shame of the past to look to a fruitful path to faithfulness and restoration. Mark’s wife, Anita joins Mark for couple’s retreats and conferences in which she freely shares her path through the struggle of her husband’s unfaithfulness. She stayed in the marriage and joyfully tells the story of success through the love of God, friends, and family.

Mark delivers effective strategies to small groups, organizations, and faith communities who seek to rebuild relationships and provide a safe place for struggling people to find help and community. Opening doors to renewal, creativity and growth invigorates and empowers churches, individuals, marriages and groups seeking greater impact for the mission of God.

His background includes team building, conflict resolution, and teaching communication skills in Europe, North Africa, and the U.S.. Mark’s expertise in cross-cultural living and the skills learned through treatment and counseling provide a unique perspective on finding healing where betrayal has marred and hurt many. Easy answers and platitudes will not effectively or lastingly bring about the change and necessary healing called for in the church, in marriages, or in the culture.

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He can be reached at mark@markwmcintire.com, mwmcintire@gmail.com, @markwmcintire on Twitter, mmcintire33 on Instagram and through this website.

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