About Mark

Mark W. McIntire, M. Div., designs general and issue-specific training, mentoring and keynote addresses tailored to bring productivity and better communication to individuals, teams, and organizations. He uses his years in teaching, communication, and in the travel and restaurant industry to bring essential concepts to customer service, client interactions, and interpersonal communications.

Flourishing Beyond Borders

*Building Rapport

*Creating and sustaining vital connection

*Empathy skills

*Supportive and Empowering interacting

*Professional Mentoring for anyone seeking to build their clientele, customer, patient, and network base.

Mark delivers effective strategies to small groups, organizations, and faith communities who seek to rebuild relationships and maintain them in business and personal life.

His background includes team building, conflict resolution, and teaching communication skills in Europe, North Africa, and the U.S.. Mark’s expertise in cross-cultural living and skills acquired working with student doctors and physician assistants at medical schools in the northwest.




He can be reached at mark@markwmcintire.com, mwmcintire@gmail.com, @markwmcintire on Twitter, mmcintire33 on Instagram and through this website.

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