Courage Beyond Fear Will Expand Your Vistas

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Courage Raises Your Eyes to Possibilities Standing on the south rim gazing into this geologic sculpture, I thought across thousands of years of human expansion. People like the Pueblo–lived and thrived above and below the mesas. They practiced irrigation, created art, and prospered with and sometimes in spite of the demands of nature. Brave, early […]

Planting in Shared Soil

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Neuroscientist Uri Hasson researches the foundations of human communication. In a February 2016 Ted Talk–he explained the importance of common ground to effective communication. His research shows the ways in which our brains “couple” when understanding is achieved between a speaker and a listener. In my work as a speaker and consultant with organizations and […]

Showing Up to the Dance

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Visiting another culture or returning home to a culture you thought you knew provides challenges. A woman who worked in Tokyo for five years will re-enter America a different person and find the land of her birth strange, less comfortable. Businesses spend a lot of resources sending executives on foreign assignments only to find that […]

On Two Books

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This past week, I had the pleasure of reading Ali Smith’s How to Be Both and the challenge of reading Jon Krakauer’s Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town. In the first, creativity and the joy of uniqueness enjoy the stage under the poetic prose of Ali Smith. The author tempts and […]

On loving the blank page

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The blank page once frightened me. You know, the one in your essay test book that you stared at after reading the prompt or the page on your computer screen waiting for your genius to appear before starting the blog. Even the little box on Twitter or Facebook that awaits your witty remark or encouraging […]

Partly Sunny

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The line of firs across the road droop with early morning frost. The neighbor’s rust and gold adorned Japanese maple glows in the dawn light. Yesterday’s dark, stormy demeanor recedes giving way to partial sun and chilly temperatures. At times, the weather conspires with my emotions. On sunny spring days, I’m glad for this. Autumn […]

Remnants of Irrationality

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Reflections on incidents from my childhood in which I felt my father behaved irrationally blaze into my thoughts at times when my own “perfect day” plan goes awry or is interrupted by the unforeseen incident. My dad seemed to succumb to these behaviors while driving, looking for a parking space, or any time he felt […]